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Whanganui District Council Data Portal

Recently Pinpoint Geospatial Solutions implemented a full geospatial open source stack for Whanganui District Council’s public site. It was great working with the team at Whanganui District Council and being able to implement this solution in a short timeframe.

The full geospatial open source stack included:

• GeoNode (data catalog),

• GeoServer (web services),

• MapStore (viewer for web maps and dashboards),

• PostGIS (spatial database),

• QGIS (desktop mapping)

These open source solutions have allowed the Whanganui District Council to cost-effectively open-up access to its Geospatial datasets. As well as a modern geospatial data portal and standards-based geospatial web services, the Whanganui Geospatial Data Portal also provides effective online web mapping and state-of-the-art spatial database capabilities – with no license costs.

Check out Whanganui District Council's public site to explore further: