Geospatial Services Solution

Pinpoint Reports is a web application that provides end users with a powerful yet easy to use tool for creating a geographically rich PDF Report containing a series of predefined pages relating to a location of interest.


An administrator pre-defines one or more Pinpoint Reports config files, each defining how a single PDF Report will be constructed. 

A single Pinpoint Reports config file contains all the logic required to produce a PDF Report on almost any subject matter.

Examples of subject matter suitable for a Pinpoint Reports config file:

  • LIM (Land Information Memorandum)
  • Property Report
  • Hazards Report
  • Land Title Summary Report (Default install includes this Configuration with direct links to LINZ LDS data)
  • and many more!

Each page can contain combinations of maps and/or data derived from local data sources or via web services.

One or more Templates referenced by the config file define the page layouts required throughout the PDF Report.

Foreign PDF documents can be inserted at any point either as defined pages, page ranges or an entire PDF document.