Geospatial Database Solution

PostGIS is an Open Source  spatial extension to the PostgreSQL database. PostGIS is a fast, robust spatial database management system.

PostGIS supports a range of important GIS functionality in the areas of OpenGIS and SQL/MM spatial standards, advanced topological constructs (coverages, surfaces, networks), data source for desktop user interface tools for viewing and editing GIS data, and web-based access tools.

Some features of PostGIS are:

  • Geometry types for Points, LineStrings, Polygons, MultiPoints, MultiLineStrings, MultiPolygons and GeometryCollections.
  • Spatial predicates for determining the interactions of geometries using the 3x3 DE-9IM (provided by the GEOS software library).
  • Spatial operators for determining geospatial measurements like area, distance, length and perimeter.
  • Spatial operators for determining geospatial set operations, like union, difference, symmetric difference and buffers (provided by GEOS).
  • R-tree-over-GiST (Generalised Search Tree) spatial indexes for high speed spatial querying.
  • Index selectivity support, to provide high performance query plans for mixed spatial/non-spatial queries.
  • For raster data, PostGIS WKT Raster (now integrated into PostGIS 2.0+ and renamed PostGIS Raster)



Download this file (Brochure-PostGIS-2018.pdf)Brochure-PostGIS-2018.pdf563 kB